As long as the earth rotates there will be friction loss, but especially where there are shafts and bearings. And Klüber Lubrication will be there, changing the world of tribology with innovative, intelligent solutions.

Klüber r’s unique range of special lubricants and know-how, backed by more than seventy years of experience in research and development, make them one of the world’s leading lubricant suppliers. In all matters regarding lubrication, Klüber keeps the world turning. No matter where – Klüber ‘s unique range of specialty lubricants and all the knowledge and expertise gathered over nearly seventy years of research and development are readily available to our customers worldwide. In all matters regarding lubrication – customers around the globe are impressed by the innovative products made by Klüber .

The Klüber product range is extensive:

If you need a lubricant which stays at the friction point for a long, long time, there is only one solution: a lubricating grease. It is based on lubricating oil, thickener and additives. Its main characteristics include the following: Optimum drop point, good oxidation resistance, resistance towards fluids and steam, good temperature stability. But Kluber greases offer a lot more: depending on the application, they are rapidly biodegradable, electro-conductive, resistant to ambient media, they protect against corrosion, have a high load-carrying capacity, are neutral towards materials, reduce noise and food-safe.

Lubricating Oils
With their excellent spreading capacity, lubricity and heat dissipation properties, lubricating oils are as valuable as gold when it comes to protecting friction points. A lubricating oil is made up of a base oil and additives. The success of Kluber’s lubricating oil is based on just the right combination of ingredients. Depending on the application, our products protect against friction, wear and corrosion, are neutral towards the materials involved, approved for applications in the food industry, resistant to high temperatures and rapidly biodegradable.

Kluber pastes are coherent lubricants that contain a high degree of solid lubricant particles. They are mainly used on friction points subject to extreme tribological loads. For example, during running in processes under boundary friction conditions, in case of very high surface pressure combined with low speed or under extremely high temperatures.

Corrosion Protection
Metals which are not of the stainless type can be reliably protected against rust for a year or more using Kluber’s anticorrosion agents. Such products consist of liquid or consistent hydrocarbons and active ingredients. Corrosion protection films can differ considerably in appearance: coloured, colourless, transparent, oily, Vaseline-like, or dry to the touch. And Kluber would not be Kluber if efficient corrosion protection were not paired with exactly defined lubricity.

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