Woerner have been providing innovative lubrication technology for all types of industry for over 80 years, whether it’s the mining industry, automotive industry or the manufacturing industry.Woerner Pump and Distributor block

Woerner products are recognised worldwide as a leader in centralised lubrication systems and equipment. For over 80 years now they have been solving industries lubrication problems by supplying equipment of the highest quality and standard, this with innovated technologies and designs have kept Woerner at the forefront in the centralised lubrication game.

You will find Woerner products in all types of machines whether it’s big or small, or a very complex plant. With Woerner products you are able to delver precise amounts of lubricant

The Woerner product range is extensive with:

Volume flow devices
Spray & jet lubricators
Level & temperature sensors
Level & temperature controllers
Oil-air devices