Speciality lubricants solutions

Keeping machines well lubricated

There are three aspects which are of particular importance for any production: consumer protection, reliable manufacturing processes and energy efficiency.

Klüber’s synthetic high-performance lubricants with NSF H1 registration help you obtain these objectives, as they are capable of a lot more than friction reduction, lowering operating temperatures and increasing components’ service life. Depending on the application conditions, lubricants meeting a wide range of requirements from hygienic filling in aseptic areas to high resist.

Optimising manufacturing processes:

It is important for us to offer our customers the best advice regarding the proper lubrication of their application, whether machine manufacturers or operators. We take a holistic view of all processes in your plant and offer help and advice regarding optimum lubricant application. We even suggest measures to improve your manufacturing processes.

We offer services combined with the right lubricants and show you ways to cut costs. In short: we work in close cooperation with you to improve lubrication processes in your plant systematically, allowing you to benefit from your machines and your staff’s know-how to the maximum. Production volumes can be increased while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

Please contact Allwest Engineering Services specialist, who will introduce you to Klüber's products - interesting and often surprising cost effective solutions.

Ref: Kluber promotional brochure