Electric Motor Bearings

Lubrication Strategies

for Electric Motor Bearings

The statistics indicates that over 60 percent all motor difficulties originate with bearing troubles.

"If a bearing defect is allowed to progress to the point of failure, far more costly motor rewinding and extensive downtime will often result." Most of bearing distress is caused by lubrication deficiencies hence improvements in bearing life should not be difficult to justify.

Allwest Engineers can use the best technique for replenishing the grease supply in the bearing cartridge. We train personal in the best lubrication techniques

We recommend grease lubrication methods for electric motor bearings. There are different types of bearings and each requires different lubrication solutions.

  • Single-shielded Bearings

Experience indicates this simple arrangement will extend bearing life. This arrangement will also permit an extremely simple lubrication and relubrication technique.

  • Double-shielded Bearings

Some motor manufacturers subscribe to a different approach, favoring double-shielded bearings.

  • Open Bearings
  • Lifetime-lubricated, Sealed Bearings