Custom solutions for automatic lubrication

Industrial robots lubrication solutions

Industrial robots are programmable manipulators that contain rotary and/or prismatic joints in order to perform precise repetitive movements. Over-lubrication is strictly prohibited at any time and the damage or loss due to over-lubrication can be fatal to whole manufacturing company.

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Chain Lubrication Solutions

Delivery and transport chains are used in the automobile industry, food industry, steel- wood and paper industry, etc. Environmental influences like high and low temperatures, dirt, humidity, etc., have to be considered when designing the lubrication system. Often, various of the mentioned environmental influences have an effect on the lubrication system at the same time.

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Design greasing systems for electric motors

COMMON PROBLEM: Overheating due to excess grease – The balls of a bearing act as tiny viscosity pumps which roll on a small amount of oil film between the balls and the race. Too much volume will cause the elements to churn the grease, resulting in parasitic energy losses and high operating temperatures, which in turn increase risk of bearing failure. Hence you need to be very careful when design proper greasing system.

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Grease spray lubrication systems

Allwest Egnineering Services offers extensive product range for open gear lubrication. We specialise with Worner units, which lubricate machines to reduce abrasion to a minimum.

Thanks to WOERNER's innovation power and an application-oriented product port folio, the company is a worldwide leading vendor of components and systems for the lubrication technology.

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Lubrication Strategies

for Electric Motor Bearings

The statistics indicates that over 60 percent all motor difficulties originate with bearing troubles.

"If a bearing defect is allowed to progress to the point of failure, far more costly motor rewinding and extensive downtime will often result." Most of bearing distress is caused by lubrication deficiencies hence improvements in bearing life should not be difficult to justify.

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Lubrication system repairs

“The decisive advantage of repair lubrication is that the girth gear drive remains fully operable and that high loads even increase the success of repair lubrication.”

Not long ago, the only way to make repairs to large girth gear drives involved costly mechanical procedures and the dreaded downtime.

Klüber has a better idea.

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The rights and wrongs of greasing

From selection of system to application

When it comes to greasing, there are many ways to get it right and many ways to get it wrong. Greasing is not as simple task as many might think. It requires some skill and dedication and with right practices will yeld the biggest return on equipment availability.

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Keeping machines well lubricated

There are three aspects which are of particular importance for any production: consumer protection, reliable manufacturing processes and energy efficiency.

Klüber’s synthetic high-performance lubricants with NSF H1 registration help you obtain these objectives, as they are capable of a lot more than friction reduction, lowering operating temperatures and increasing components’ service life.

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