Single point lubricators

Single point lubricators are a cost effective solution for lubricating single points of lubrication of difficult to reach locations or Single point lubricationwhere more frequent lubrication is required than manual lubrication yet the component does not warrant a full lubrication system. They can also be used in conjunction with manual greasing of difficult to use applications.

Single-point lubricators are simple in design, but cost effective solution at delivering grease or oil to difficult to reach locations. By using different springs, users are able to estimate the time it will take to run the unit to empty. The clear reservoirs make it easy to visually assess the lubricant level at any time. This benefits manufacturers that will have some planned machine downtime, because over-lubrication is eliminated.

Allwest Engineering have experience and will tailor exact solution for your needs. Depending on your requirmenets we use various brands.

Pulsarlube Single point lubrication systems